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Academic Camp Ltd
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7 Soundwell Road
Staple Hill
BS16 4QG   
United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 20 3959 9370
Email: info@academiccamp.org / info@academicsummer.co.uk


Helen Lami

Email:  helen.lami@academiccamp.org
WhatsApp:  +44 79681 52795


Nora Hernadi
Admissions Manager

Email: nora.hernadi@academiccamp.org
WhatsApp: +44 7458 037643

Caroline Marshall
Head of Communication

Email:  caroline.marshall@academiccamp.org
WhatsApp:  +44 7854 035603

Ellie Callon Jones
Head of Human Resources

Email:  ellie.jones@academiccamp.org 
WhatsApp:  +44 79391 79854

Betty Ho
Head of Finance

Email:  betty.ho@academiccamp.org
WhatsApp:  +44 77953 25168

Francisco Bustos
Director of Studies

Email:  francisco.bustos@academiccamp.org
WhatApp:  ‭+44 7393 970821‬

Dr Giedre Balcytyte
Academic Manager

Email: giedre.balcytyte@academicsummer.co.uk
WhatsApp +44 7823 563826


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