Privacy Statement

Academic Camp's privacy notice 



Academic Camp Ltd is incorporated in England and Wales under the company registration number 08597321. The registered office of Academic Camp is  7 Soundwell Road, Staple Hill, Bristol, BS16 4QG.
Our Privacy Notice covers all students, parents, staff and visitors to our website and enquiries from email, telephone, live chat and social media.  
This notice explains your rights and how Academic Camp, as the Data Controller, collects, uses, protects and shares your data. You are encouraged to read this notice and to understand how we look after your data and the information you give us.   
Anyone who works for Academic Camp is made aware of and must comply with our data protection policy to ensure we protect our customers' data.  

Why Academic Summer needs to process personal data 

We need to process personal data about our students and their parents, our staff and other individuals connected to Academic Camp as part of our everyday operations. Following the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we process personal data.  
Data processing will be part of our legitimate business interests and fulfil our legal duties and contractual obligations as an educational camp school provider.  

What personal data is collected by Academic Camp? 

We collect personal data relating to our students and their parents to provide them with an Academic Camp course. This includes the following: 
  • name and contact details such as address, email and telephone numbers 
  • date and country of birth 
  • photo of the student for our access cards and identification purposes during the courses 
  • passport or ID copies 
  • visa details as appropriate 
  • medical, dietary and special needs information 
  • emergency contact details  
  • parents' contact details 
  • welfare concerns and behaviour information 
  • reports that teachers compile 
  • flight details to provide transfers 
  • photographs and videos containing the student's image but not revealing their identity 
Our staff collect and process information required for their employment with us.  This may include the following: 
  • name and contact details 
  • date of birth 
  • emergency contact details 
  • photo for our access cards and CMS 
  • references from previous employers 
  • copies of qualifications 
  • bank details and National Insurance number 
  • passport copy / ID document 
  • DBS check  
  • health and dietary information 
  • photographs and videos that contain your image that is taken during the course 
For more information, staff should see our staff handbook, which can be found in the staff area. 
Our host schools use CCTV cameras around the school/campus to ensure maximum security. All host centres must adhere to the ICO's code of practice for the use of CCTV. 

How we collect information from you 

We usually receive information directly from you, the individual on your application forms (for students, the data is obtained from their parents or agents). This information comes through our website, and we contact you by phone, email, live chat, WhatsApp or social media.  
Sometimes this information comes via an educational consultant that parents have appointed. We have a contract with our educational partners who send us students.  
We collect and process the data through the following: 
  • Our website www.academiccamp.org  and supporting domains such as https://studies.academiccamp.co.uk/. Applications are normally made through our website, so personal data is collected through this. All our data transmissions over the Internet are secured with data encryption, and user areas are password protected
  • Cookies: we use cookies to track you through our website to run our CMS and improve your user experience. We use Google Analytics and Google Adwords
  • E-Newsletter. The newsletter gives essential information and news about the courses
  • Emails: We use Office 365 and have policies in place to increase the security of how we manage emails.  We do not send attachments to you, but we provide links to a SharePoint document, or you can download important documents from our user area on the website 

How we use your personal information and our legal basis for this 

The primary use of the personal data we collect is to support our students' learning during their time at Academic Camp, as well as look after their well-being and safeguard them.  We ensure that the processing of your personal data is 'necessary'.
We process your data to fulfil our contractual obligations with you in delivering our summer programme. 

This includes: 
  • answering enquiries and questions received about our summer courses
  • registering and processing student applications and general administration, including invoicing, offer letters, pre-arrival information and student reports
  • provide an academic summer course, including lessons, airport transfers, sports and leisure programme  
  • facilitating the efficient operation of Academic Camp
  • providing welfare and boarding for our students, ensuring students are looked after safely and we meet all their needs. This includes the implementation of our rules and policies for students and staff 
  • dealing with any feedback or concerns that you have 
  • administration relating to staff recruitment and employment, including processing DBS checks and payroll administration
To comply with our legal obligations, we may use your personal data to: 
  • meet our compliance and regulatory obligations, such as safeguarding and protecting students
  • assist with investigations by the police and other authorities
We may also process your data: 
  • when it is necessary for medical or safety reasons 
  • to protect your vital interests, for example, if you are unconscious and you need emergency medical treatment 
  • where we have a legitimate business interest , such as promoting our programmes on our website and social media and sending out regular newsletters to our students, educational consultants, staff and alumni.  
  • sharing photos and news from our courses so parents receive information about their child's course. 
Some personal data could be 'sensitive personal data' and include information about race, religious beliefs and physical or mental health concerns. This type of data requires extra protection and will only be accessed by individuals who need to know this information to support the student.  

Who do we share your personal data with? 

We may need to share your data with a third party, including local authorities such as the Police, UK Border and HM Revenue and Customs. We do this because it is required by law or for contractual and legitimate interests, but we will tell you by email if we need specific consent.  
We share your information with those looking after our students; however, we only share with people as necessary to look after and keep them safe. These include: 
  • our boarding and leisure programme leaders 
  • our teachers 
  • our host schools as necessary (e.g., catering department with dietary needs and the IT department for logins to their systems) 
  • our school nurse and/or a doctor if students are ill 
  • leisure programme providers, if this is required for safety reasons for their risk assessments 
  • disclosures to the necessary authorities relating to safeguarding 
  • Endsleigh Insurance company as they provide the insurance for our students.  
If you booked your child's course through an educational consultant, we communicate with them unless you request that we do not.  
For staff, we share your data as necessary with the following: 
  • Atlantic Data to process staff DBS checks 
  • payroll manager Norton Accountancy to process your PAYE 
  • our host schools, as required, use the facilities within the school and issue you with IT login and access cards. Our host school monitors IT use and requires details of your DBS.  
  • our HR consultant, as necessary