Academic Camp Holidays - day

Join us during half-term holidays (October, February and May), Easter and during the summer, and experience the enchantment of Queen's College, a prestigious and forward-thinking boarding school in Taunton.  Discover a traditional boarding school that feels like you have entered a 'Harry Potter' film set. Join us for an unparalleled adventure at Queen's College and let your imagination soar!

What a great way to spend the holidays - for local day students and international borders
  • Local day students: age 9 to 16
  • International boarding students: age 12 to 18

Our engaging and enriching academic camps are designed to inspire and challenge young minds. Our learners will embark on an exciting educational journey where they will:

  • discover new passions

  • sharpen their skills

  • make friends from all over the world

  • develop communicative language skills  

What makes us different? 

  • Inspiring learning environment – our camps are crafted to ignite curiosity and passion for learning. Through interactive and hands-on activities, we provide an environment where creativity and academic potential is unleashed 
  • Challenging curriculum – we offer a curriculum that pushes boundaries and encourages critical thinking
  • A global community of learners is fostered – by collaborating with students from around the world; students will gain valuable cultural insights and develop teamwork and communication skills
  • Dedicated teachers – our teachers are passionate about inspiring young minds, and they want learners to thrive academically
  • Child care for the holidays – we want to give you peace of mind knowing that your child is engaged in meaningful and supervised activities

Each holiday we offer a choice of academic camps. These take place Monday to Thursday with our local day students. 

  • Academic Skills
  • Art and Design
  • Business & Entrepreneurship 
  • Debate & Model UN
  • English - using language
  • Food & nutrition - the foodie
  • Outdoor leaders / adventure
  • Performing Arts


Trips - Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

We give our boarding students an immersive experience of South West England. We offer exciting full-day trips, ensuring they get a taste of this beautiful region. And, of course, no visit to the UK is complete without exploring London's vibrant city, making Taunton an ideal location with its direct train route to London Paddington.

Our local day students can join our Friday trip to complete their week with us and enjoy some time with their new friends 

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